Kimberly was a contributing writer for On Wall Street and ReInvent Wealth, part of Financial Planning, focusing on the digital wealth management space. She covers robo-advisors, fintech, cybersecurity and social media in the financial advisory/brokerage industry.

"Will Low Fees Kill Off Robo Advisors?," Financial Planning, December 14, 2016

While competition between robo advisors and its more traditional counterparts have barely settled, the race for low fees may leave others behind. Read more here.

"Has Robo Advertising Lost Its Snark?Financial Planning, March 2, 2016

Wall Street cynicism permeated much of the advertisements promoting robo advisors. But with the increased adoption of automated advice tools by advisors, and a clear AUM gap established by incumbent digital offerings, robos and traditional advisors alike may be ready to dial back the confrontational tone of their promotional material. Read more here.

"How Planners are Prepping Clients For Fed Liftoff," Financial Planning, December 14, 2015

When it comes to interest rates, advisors say their biggest worry isn't whether the Fed will sign off on an anticipated hike this month — it’s what may come afterward. Read more here.

"How A Social Network Helps Advisors Attract Clients with Good Ideas," Financial Planning, November 20, 2015

Could a digital platform geared specifically toward connecting advisors with clients seeking investment ideas -- SEC and FINRA compliant to boot -- improve upon the potential of social media? Read more here.

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